Shane Mosley is most commonly remembered as the only man who defeated the Golden Boy Oscar Dela Hoya twice in the ring. Nevertheless, he is overshadowed by the general appeal and popularity of Dela Hoya due to some losses he incurred in his career. In this HBO’s Greatest Hits video of Sugar Shane Mosley, you’ll see the two Dela Hoya fights, the fight with, Winky Wright (Whch he lost), and two other wins against Collazo and Fernando Vargas.

Video after the jump.

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If you missed all the hype yesterday and for some reason or another didn’t get to watch the Ring Magazine’s Lightweight bout between Joel Casamayor and Juan Manuel Marquez brought to us by HBO PPV, then here’s a video of that great knockout that you missed.

Joel Casamayor started strong and was able to find the target for his left hooks and left straights. This was true for the first four rounds. But Marquez, being the cunning fighter, was able to adjust and seems to be controlling the fight from then on. Marquez’ combinations and uppercuts looked really stunning, although Casamayor was shaking his head most of the time he was tagged with a flurry of punches as if saying to the crowd they were not hurting him. His arrogance will meet the canvas along with his body twice in the 11th round, and Marquez will be declared the new Lightweight champion.

High quality replay video after the jump. Hurry up before youtube takes it down.

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Joan Guzman weighed 138.5 pounds during weigh-in, 3.5 pounds heavier than the Lightweight limit. He was given two hours to re-weigh but decided not to come back, telling his promoters that he is not feeling well to fight. The fight therefore has been cancelled and Nate Campbell, the reigning unified WBO-WBA-IBF title holder, walked away with his belts without any scratches whatsoever. Expect a reschedule of this fight.

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Here’s the live video feed of the Marquez-Casamayor fight. Sergio Mora vs Vernon Forrest rematch is currently on.

This is basically an embedded video, I’m not hosting it and not responsible for the broadcast and legal rights to the video.

Channel 1

Channel 2
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