Fight Synopsis:

Brian Viloria (22-2, 13 KOs) had journeyman fighter Fred Hernto Valdez on his knees in the mat by the 3rd round of their scheduled 10-round bout at the Plaza Monumental, Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico. Viloria pained Valdez immediately with a big right hand earlier in the first round of this May 17, 2008 duel. See in the video how dominating Valdez was in the 2nd round.

Viloria had a lot of in and out movements, hitting Valdez and then quickly getting out of range to prevent him from answering with his own shots. At the end of the round, Viloria unloaded with a huge flurry of shots, catching Valdez cleanly with almost every shot. Valdez started off well in the 3rd, hitting Viloria with hard left hands. Viloria responded with right-left combination, then another right hand that staggered Valdez and caused him to back away. Valdez eventually regained composure firing up a combination to the body.

Viloria then triggered back to rights to Valdez’s body. But it was his perfectly placed left hook to the liver that dropped Valdez on the mat. His finishing touch was a powerful left hook the body. His opponent sprawled in the canvas after getting hit with the body shot. He stood up at the count of seven, but the referee didn’t like how he looked and promptly stopped the fight to prevent him suffering more from the Filipino fighter.

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Fight Synopsis:

Brian Viloria (21-2, 12 KOs) won the 8-round unanimous decision over Cesar Lopez (20-6, 4 KOs on Saturday night at the MGM Grand, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Viloria, 27, ranked # 3 in the WBC junior flyweight division, outclassed Lopez down in the fifth round of this February 16, 2008 fight.

Watch here in a video how Lopez prove the prediction of his loss to be true. He is well below Viloria in terms of skill and experience against top opposition. Lopez came at Viloria hard in the opening rounds of the fight, pressuring him and making him fight harder than he wanted to. In the video you can observe that Lopez’ efforts not in vain as he was able to score over and over in many of the rounds.There were rounds such as the fifth round that Brian lorded though.

He was often able to stop Lopez in his tracks with right hands and jabs, By the same 5th round, Lopez drifted which made it possible for Viloria to knock him down. Lopez snatched the subsequent rounds however his constant inaction caused him to come up short in the scoring for the fight.

The final judges’ scores were 78-73, 78-73 and 77-74.

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Fight Synopsis:

At this fight, Brian Viloria was already a former WBC light flyweight kingpin. This January 04, 2008 duel however marked his successful return appearance. The Filipino fighter scored a knockdown in the final round against Jose Garcia Bernal en route to a comfortable eight-round unanimous decision win moments ago at the Alameda Swap Meet in Los Angeles, California.

Viloria won the first round with his constant jabs, though as seen in the video here, he took a lot of big shots from Bernal in next two rounds. In rounds four and five, Viloria lorded over the fight with again his jabs. Rounds six and seven, was all Bernal’s using his powerful hooks and constant pressure to easily win both rounds.

The 8th round had Bernal still in control when the referee David Mendoza suddenly stopped the action because Bernal lost his mouthpiece and deducted one point from him. After this, Bernal fought even harder. Watch here in a video when Viloria outpointed him as he came running at him from the across the ring, landing a hard right hand to Bernal’s midsection. Viloria’s opponent had his moments in the mat.

Viloria for the remainder of the round continued his attack upon Bernal. Though he tried to knock him out, Viloria’s weak shots just didn’t have enough power in order to bother Bernal much, aside from the body shots.
It was Brian’s endurance that made him the winner that night. In a video here also watch the fight end when Viloria knocked down Bernal with a big right to the breadbasket in the early going of the final round, thus sealing his victory.

All three judges saw the bout 78-72 for Viloria who now improves to 20-2. Bernal slides to 26-11-1.

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