Finally, a free video of the latest fight of Edwin Valero versus Takehiro Shimada. Somebody with a good heart just posted this on Youtube, and Edwin Valero whi is Japan-based and very popular with his tons of full fight videos on Youtube (full fights because most were quick ones) extends his record to 24-0 Win-Loss card with a staggering record of 24 KOs. Yes, you heard that right. You’re probably wondering why this guy is not recruited for the big-money fights in Las Vegas? Well, that’s because he is ineligible to play in the United States, after the Boxing Committee waived his permit to fight when he failed an MRI exam. Since then Valero dominated the Japanese boxing scene, and still up to this point is waylaying opponents on the side streets with sheer knockout power. The latest victim is no other than Japanese Takehiro Shimada, from whom Edwin Valero defended his WBA SuperFeatherweight belt.

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