Fight Synopsis:

Held at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, California, United States in November 10, 2001, this fight witnessed Manny attained a cut to the eye in the 2nd round due to an accidental head butt. It was because of these that he was slow in defending himself from low blows coming his way in the 3rd round. Sanchez on the other hand,lost points when he kept pushing in inside of his gloves on Pacquiao’s head while holding together.

Pacman had a momentarily show of weakness to Agapito’s under attacks. But when Manny had his rest, he regained his counter-attacking stance to the fullest. He tried to balanced Sanchez’ tactics, The fifth round was no different with Sanchez fouling Pacquiao with succeeding low blows. Unfortunately for the People’s Champ, the referee Marty Denkin was not able to see it. Manny Pacquiao’s eye cut was just too open in the 6th round that the ringside doctor had to step in the ring to check on the cut.

The final score was Raul Caiz Jr 55-57 | Marshall Walker 56-56 | judge: Ricardo Bays 58-54. This is despite the two points deducted from Sanchez for low blows. The decision made him retain his WBO super bantamweight title while Pacquiao kept his IBF super bantamweight title. The HBO Pay per view commentators are Emmanuel Steward, Larry Merchant, & Jim Lampley.

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