Pacquiao tried to recover from his disappointing fouled duel with Sanchez. June 8, 2002 had him exchnaging blows with aging veteran fighter Jorge Julio at The Pyramid, Memphis, Tennessee, United States. The first minute of the clash was a rough one with both fighters itching with fury to topple one another.Freddie Roach has already predicted that Julio with the same dog thing Sanchez did to Manny as both were under the same trainer.

True to Roach’s words, Julio really did giving Manny an elbow and a taste of low blows. He did not expect the GenSan pride to counter attack because he had a moment to stop his tracks when Manny unloaded a big left hand. There a series of power punches from Pacquiao had Julio down the canvas in the 1st round. Vengeance went down hard with Julio when he suffered a two knock downs in the 2nd round. The People’s Champ devastated Julio throughout the fight. Pacman ended the clash when he had Julio sprawled on the floor to what would be his third knock down. The first won the fight with TKO, retaining his IBF super bantamweight title.

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