Fight Synopsis:

Manny Pacquiao remained unfazed by the overwhelming support of the crowd for Marco Antonio Barrera when he fought pound for pound in what is supposed to be his first big fight in Unites States. This boxing duel happened at Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, United States. The November 15, 2003 was considered as Manny Pacquao’s defining moment, catipulating him to superstardom. The 1st round was a bit unlucky for Manny who slipped in the ring. It was viewed by referee Laurence Cole as a knockout.

Thus, Pacquiao was robbed of from Pacman . In anger, he went ferociously after Barrera. The Mexican eventually got tired that lead to his turn to be knocked out in the 3rd round. The next rounds saw Pacquiao triggering Barrera for a trip to the canvas. His thunderbolt combination left power punches and right hooks made Barrera kneel in utter defeat. In frustration, Marco head butted Pacquiao. This was no help as Manny became unstoppable in the ring. It was by the 11th round that Barrera’s side raised a white flag giving Pacman the win over the clash and more than enough attention that he will be showered afterwards .

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