Fight Synopsis:

Finally, curtains were closed for the Erik Morales- Manny Pacquiao trilogy. The crowd composed of 18,276 deliriously wild fans rocked the Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV, USA. The fight which had three rounds of heart-pounding action was held on November 18, 2006.. The 27-year old Filipino boxer had the advantage of being younger, stronger, fresher and hungrier fighter. It was so evident that Pacquiao wanted to finish the match as a winner.

The Filipino was way beyond the 30 year-old Mexican. The latter was already in the pitfalls of his boxing career with his many brutal wars and so many years weight making struggles. Manny confidently paced throughout the fight. Morales tried to outpoint him in every land he released. Pacman hitched three knockdowns in this famous trilogy 2-1.
Morales conceding a fight. He sat with his arms wrapped around his knees, looked to his corner and shook his head “no” to indicate that he wasn’t going to get up as he allowed referee Vic Drakulich to count him out. He knew he was a beaten man and said so afterward.

The biggest surprise in this boxing duel was Morales’ obvious show of defeat. When the People’s Champ had him staggering the canvas, Erik went to his corner mouthing a big “no”. He was a graceful soldier who knew when to retreat in the warfare. This was his salvation though to escape from Pacquiao’s wrath.

Morales’ career went to a stop after this fight. His journey though was one cannot take granted for. He brought home titles in three divisions and he’s a lock for first-ballot Hall of Famer. His popularity was mainly due to his never-say-die attitude which cashes in big money on any pay-per-view clash.

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