Fight Synopsis:

Both men were just circling and jabbing in the first round of the Marco Antonio Barrera versus Manny Pacquiao Part 2 fight. Each man reaches for the other’s body with straight punches.The exchange flurries toward the end of the round as the crowd roars in the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States on November 6, 2007. Pacquiao switched jabs from Left-right-left to which Barrera replies with a combination of his own. Manny just misses from his right. Barrera is moving backward, looking to lure Pacquiao in and counter. Pacman lands a left and Barrera responds with a one-two.

In the next rounds, Pacquiao witnessed a fierce display of heated exchange from the two furiously against the ropes. Pacman drives Marco to the ropes, and Pacquiao flurries. Right hand to the body from Barrera. Left from Pacquiao, a sharp counter right to the jaw from Barrera, and they unload on each other again. Pacquiao drives Barrera to the ropes, and unloaded a beautiful combination to body and head. The latter landed a straight left down the middle behind a right jab. Barrera releases a right to the head and another furious exchange took place. A big right/left from Pacquiao sends Barrera backward, and another.

Marco Antronio Barrera was flogged by another right-left from Pacquiao. Frustrated, he hits Manhy Pacquiao on the break, thus he lost a point. A nasty cut was under Barrera’s right eye now. His efforts became lame until the fight ended and it was time for the judges to decide. Manny Pacquiao defeated Marco Antonio Barrera by unanimous decision (118-109 twice, 115-112)

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