Zab Judah will again have a shot at a World Title today August 2, 2008 when he battles it out with Joshua Clottey at The Palms for the IBF Welterweight belt. The video coverage will be broadcasted by HBO, so I suggest you watch it live on TV to see the results and the winner immediately. Zab Judah is a very talented boxer but has fell to lesser opponents because of over-confidence and “self-inflicted wounds.” This time, he vows to fight his all with Ghana-native Clottey who currently resides in the Bronx. It seems the two has a score to settle, because years before, a street fight erupted which Zab Judah apparently started and which he tried to hurt Clottey’s trainer. This is why according to Clottey, it’s not just the title for him, but Zab.

Here are some great videos from Youtube on Zab Judah.

Zab Judah Greatest Hits HBO

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